• Interpreting: We will serve you in English, however, you should check whether you will need an interpreter on the day when you sign your deed.
  • NIE (Spanish Foreign Identification Number): A foreign identification number is a tax code required for all property transactions in Spain.
  • Making a will in Spain will make things easier for your loved ones. This will must be written in your own language as well as in Spanish, if you do not know Spanish.
  • Taxes: Find out about the taxes that apply to you (I.V.A.; IIVTNU, Non-resident income tax; ITPAJD; ISD). aqui va link al apartado de impuestos***, and whether you should be resident in Spain for tax purposes.
  • Withholding tax: If you sell property and are not resident in Spain, the buyer will withhold part of the price and pay this to Tax Authorities on your behalf.
  • Appoint a representative and tax domicile to avoid problems. Many lawyers provide this service efficiently.
  • There are restrictions regarding money entering and leaving Spain.