The Notary Public is a presence in the most important moments in our lives. Access to housing, its financing, starting a business, who will take care of our children, arranging affairs after our death and who will take care of our inheritance are part of the everyday reality in which the Notary Public is involved.


Our staff will help you with all the services you require, in a pleasant atmosphere and guaranteeing your personal privacy, from receipt of the matter to the completion of the transaction for which you visit us. Our work is not limited to just signing a deed. We provide you with complete advice not only on the document to be signed but also on its tax implications. We also offer the complete processing of your operation, helping you to obtain all the documents needed for formalising your deed and we then handle it so that your only concern is to achieve the purpose for which you visited us.

Although many matters can be settled without a prior appointment, it’s best to contact us first for an appointment to speed up your visit to our Notary’s office or for preliminary advice. You can use the traditional means (telephone or mail) or an online service in which we will be pleased to attend you.